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Its sad when a guy can not take his RIFLES,HANDGUNS, or even his darn 22 Rimfire out to shoot. Because you can`t afford or even find AMMO and RELOADING supplies are harder and harder to get. If you think things are bad now wait til the UN gets done with the ammo and smallarms treaty.Add laws outlawing or limiting internet ammo sales .Ok I`ll get off my soapbox .Except for 22 rimfire and steel case 762x39s I am not to bad off ammo wise and the reason is I reload I bought a lot of MIL.SURPL. POWDER BULLITS AND BRASS along with COM BRASS and my bullits I like to hunt with .You might want to try it but like I said reloading supplies are amost as hard as ammo to get (NOW RELOADING 762X39 CAN`T DO ANYTHING BOUT MY RIMFIRES BUT WAIT).HOGSHOOTER
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