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I wish that were true, 300 Weatherby. It was at one time. But all Mossberg shotguns are made in Mexico and assembled in Texas. Check out the latest ATF data showing 2011 stats.

Maverick Arms assembled 423,570 shotguns in Eagle Pass, Texas in 2011 and zero in CT. I know they make a lot of 88s but not that many. Maverick is Mossberg. Their rifles are made there as well. Rimfire in Brazil. They only push paper in the United States. Sad but true.
I don't like those stats.. But I don't buy from Mossberg, I already have one 500 field and one is enough...

What concerns more than anything is the fact that I have no choice other than to buy an imported pumped, in my case a Browning BPS.. I bought a new Wingmaster 12 gauge and it was problem ridden from day one... The only viable choice for a new domestic made pump for me is a new production Ithaca... If only my darn brother would sell the 1962 vintage 870 I had back to me.......
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