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that scope is a mil/mil version sold by Midway. those turrets were marked that way from the factory... the scope is on one of our training rifles for the long range school, a Savage 110FP in .308, with around 3000 rounds (give or take) down the 24" barrel. It shoots better than some of the customs that guys show up with, to be honest...

I have Burris Signature rings on the rifle, with a 20 MOA offset to raise the scope tube up in the back, for increased elevation for long range work. If you have a flat scope base, you may need an extra rubber washer under the turret cap. Sanding the nylon spacer down a bit can be done if the scope won't return to its 100 yard zero after the washer and spacer are installed.

I wouldn't recommend leaving out the rubber washer... that helps to cushion the turret as it is coming to a stop.

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