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Re: A question of obeying the law

In SC working right now, my atty asked me about carrying concealed on my person while in a car.
I said with a Concealed Carry Permit no problem. .
He has a case with SLED charging a client for carrying on his person, with a permit, in his car.
I looked at the SLED website and their copy of the law is pre-2007!!
Which is when the law was changed.
If you look at the SC Legislature site, there's an additional paragraph in the law (added in 2007) that is omitted on the SLED site.

Moral of this story ...
Do your own research and if in doubt with new laws being widely known to LEOs ... carry a copy.
That way he can say in court, yes I did read the law the defendant showed me, and yes I did ignore what it said.
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