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That GEW88 is not built to handle Yugo 8mm. Do NOT shoot full military loads in a GEW88. You need to verify the bore diameter before you shoot the GEW88 at all. I have two of these rifles and you have to be careful with them.

The Romanian ammo uses a very light 8mm bullet. The exact weight escapes me at the moment, but much much lighter than the 198 grain in the Yugo surplus. I have been told you can shoot the Romanian in these, but I would not make a habit of it.

These rifles were not designed for standard 8mm ammo. The bore can be as small as .311 (maybe smaller with Czech barrels). If you go shooting .323 bullets down tight barrels you are going to have problems.

If the rifle has been rebuilt by the Turkish armory, it "might" have a larger bore, but I still would not shoot WW2 surplus in it. Your life, your call.


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