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Why was YUGO ammo inaccurate in a Gewehr 88??

A Question. Went to a range with a guy testing his Gewehr 88 with Yugo 8mm ammo, Dating from 50 to 53..

Out of 10 shots 3 of the rounds failed to fire. The Primers showed good deep hits. The gun was on a bench and was being firing at a 12" plate at 50 yards. Of the 7 rounds that fired they were all over the place some even missed the 12" plate hitting high above the target.

So I tried to buy the Gewehr 88 from him for $10 telling him the barrel was burned out.. But he would not go for that deal...

So thinking that maybe this was a bad batch of Yugo 8mm, fired 5 shots of the same yugo out of a m24/47.. The hits could not have have been tighter. Even fired the failure to fire shells out of the m24/47 with good tight groupings.

So we put Romanian 8mm in the Gewehr 88 and it fired perfectly with real nice groupings..

So My Question is why did the Gewehr 88 not operate well with the Yugo ammo.. yet fire fine with the Romanian Ammo????
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