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I have a very similar Sako A7 in .30-06. IT looks like the barrels are virtually identical. The factory Remington 165 gr SP was impressively accurate for low-cost hunting ammo. I got 1.5" 3-shot group at 100 yds.

The Greek surplus HXP FMJ ammo from the CMP is also pretty accurate. I got 1 1/8" 5-shot groups.

My handloads are all in the medium range so I can shoot them out of the Garands as well as the Sako. Should be in the 2.550 - 2,650 fps range

Surprisingly, one of my best handloads is the same bullet, Rem 165 gr SP over 46.8 gr Varget for a 3-shot group of 3/4" (really any load of Varget from 45.6 gr - 46.8 gr was from 3/4" to 1 1/2" max. These are fairly cheap bulk SP bullets.

Another good load is 168 gr Sierra Matchking over 46.2 gr Varget (7/8" 5-shot groups). Same for 168 gr Hornady AMAX over 46.5 gr Varget. And same 168 gr AMAX bullet over 45.8 gr BLC2.

At just around 5-shot groups of 1 1/8" were two loads with H4895, one with 168 gr SMK at 46.0 gr and the 168 gr AMAX over 45.2 gr.

I am very impressed with both the Rem 165 SP ammo and bullet. One of the most consistently accurate bullets in any caliber or style I have worked up loads for. I originally bought a bulk box of 500 of these cheap bullets, and when they are available again I am buying a boatload for most of my shooting. I will save the AMAX and SMK BTHP for the shooting past 300 yds. Plus we shot a lot of this ammo for hunting and it never failed on us for deer or elk. Cheap, nothing fancy, but for some reason it shoots like gangbusters out of my Sako, Savage and Garands.
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