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you will love it

I'm predicting you will love spring gobbler hunting.

Don't over rate calling. With the rise of calling contests and all the TV shows, calling has become an art of its own, but you do not need to be a master caller to to kill turkeys. Every little bit helps, but basic calling can be very effective. I'm a very fundamental caller myself.

Learn the cluck, yelp, and purr, all pretty easy on a pot (my favorite BTW). The cackle worked for me for a few years, but now does not seem to be so effective and I rarely use it anymore. Understand that birds can hear vERY well, and most folks call too much and to loud. The more you get on and hear live hens, the better you will be.

Find some birds in advance, set up in an area where they will like to come or at least willing to go to, and have at it.

Oh yeah, a couple of extra types of strikers carry easy, and will make your pot sound different, maybe better, to a reluctant tom. Good luck.
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