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Well you averaged 20% hits, which is twice as good as bamaboy and I did the other day.

Kid comes in from school, " Lets do some long range shooting!"

Well then, lets. Loaded a full size pistol popper in the truck and two rifles, a PSL and an F-TR-.308. Hauled that out on a nearby ridge and then motored around to the turnout on the opposite side. Breezy, too! And unknown distance. No paper to see holes, to overgrown to see bullet strikes.

Ranged it with the stadia ramp in the PSL. We got one hit out of ten with the Duraganov wanna be. (My 5 , his 5).

Then trundled out the F-T/R. And did worse! Much worse in fact. Which was a real disappointment.....until I finally started seeing traces. I had the wind way underestimated. Once we got that sorted out, we hit 4 out of the last 5.

Ended up with a full 2MOA windage and plus .25 MOA elevation on the F-T/R.
That rifle is zeroed "on" at 600 BTW. What a hoot!

The .308 shot much flatter than the x54R reloads. And simply finding and staying on the bullet smeared popper, which I did not paint, was a challenge, especially with the *X POSP scope. ( in cut over). I shold have tried milling the popper with the F-T/R scope but did not. Next time I guess.

Kid loved it and so did I!
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