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two revolvers, two loads

My two full size- 4 & 4-5/8" revolvers get magnum loads, but the ammo is taylored to the use.

The SA, 4-5/8 gets a 1000 fps+ midrange 158 LSWC that is a useful jump over .38, but not obnoxious to shoot. It is a GP set up that does not deafen and blind if you take an impromptu crack at a varmint or improvise hearing protection for impromptu plinking. It is my favorite .357.

The large framed DA gets factory 125 JHP as a SD load. It is somewhat obnoxius to shoot and I make a point of both muffs and plugs when shooting same. By coincidence, 148 /.38 WC shoots to same point of aim, but I do very little of that. In fact I shoot the DA not that much at all.

Both of these wheel guns will not shoot to a useable zero with any other mag ammo as set up presently.
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