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Thanks for everyone's advice it's really helping me in my decision on what gun to buy what kind of bullets do you recommend for the AR and ak-47
I'd avoid steel jacketed ammo - most of the cheap military surplus is steel jacketed...... check it with a magnet. Long term, it can wear the barrel excessively. If you don't mind rebarreling, then shoot whatever.....just clean the gun after shooting it, as "corrosive" milsurp ammo can do bad thing to a barrel in a short amount of time....

also is the ak-47s bullet bigger and stronger then the AR's bullet
Bigger and stronger ....... two different cats, there..... The standard loading for the 7.62x39 cartridge (the standard AK-47 round) is a 123 grain (1 grain = 1/7000th of a pound) bullet @2,400 feet per second ....... the standard .223 cartridge for the AR was a 55 grain bullet @ 3,100 feet a second.

If you do the math,

E= m(v squared)

where "m" is mass, and "v" is velocity, you will find that the little 55 gr bullet, though less than 1/2 the weight of the 123 grain bullet, has more energy at the muzzle ..... because it is going much faster..... yet being by being lighter, it does not penetrate as well ..... so stronger? Yes and no.

Both cartridges develop more than 1,000 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle, so I doubt very much that anything short of a moose or a stack of bricks could tell the difference between being shot with either one .... think of it this way: The AK round would be a Chevette doing 50, and AR round a Yaris doing 80 ...... you don't want to get hit by either one.
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