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Ruger Alaskan

Originally Posted by colbad View Post
Had a FTF with Buffalo Bore ammo. This is what they sent me when I contacted them. Looks like there may be a design flaw in the gun.


All too often, when pulling the trigger, the firing pin strikes and a deafening click emerges from your firearm...

...Let’s look at some current and very commonly flawed firing systems.

1. Ruger Redhawk:

This is probably the most prevalently flawed firing system and generator of FTF’s currently on the market. All iterations of the Redhawk or Super Redhawk have the same hammer to frame to transfer bar problem. Anytime a transfer bar is being utilized, all other aspects of the firing mechanism must work very well to overcome the difficulties imposed by the transfer bar. The Redhawk is plagued with hammer to frame to transfer bar tolerance problems. While most Red hawks will fire most brands of primers most of the time, many Redhawks will FTF with at...
I contacted Ruger about this...

My question -
According to Buffalo Bore ammunition the Redhawk and Super Redhawk have firing mechanism problems...
..."As if all the above tolerance problems with the Redhawks firing mechanism isn't enough, Redhawks chambered in 454 Casull suffer from yet one more malady. 454 Casull ammo is made utilizing a small rifle primer. Yet Ruger makes the 454 versions of their Redhawk with the same diameter firing pin as the 44mag."..
Should I be concerned that my 454 SRH AK might not go bang when I really need it

Response from Ruger:

"Buffalo Bore is a foreign ammo, please be advised that we do not recommend the use of imported ammunition, as it may be corrosive to your rifle. The foreign surplus ammunition may also cause the gun to misfire or mis-feed and in extreme cases can cause the firing pin to break. Thank you for your email."

What the? They did not even attempt to answer my question. I didn't go into the hammer to frame tolerance question in depth because I thought maybe it was common enough knowledge that they would see where I was going. Should I expect them to read for general content? They just bad mouthed Buffalo Bore. Even if what they say about Buffalo Bore is true it seems irrelevant to the question.

One of four things:

1-Buffalo Bore ammunition had a bad primer (or more?... Poster didn't say how many FTF) and excused it with a very elaborate but untrue explanation shifting blame to Ruger.

2-Ruger has some tolerance issues and doesn't realize it yet.
It happens that a bunch of folks use Buffalo bore and expect a 100% bang for their buck so are more apt to complain.

3-Ruger has tolerance issues and finds it easier to pick on Buffalo Bore than to correct the problem.

4- Ruger has tolerance issues or Buffalo bore had bad primer/s and I didn't provide enough detail when I contacted Ruger.

I've always heard Ruger customer service is top notch. I've only owned four Ruger products and have never dealt with their customer service as my products have been flawless.


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