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These are 357 Model 94AE's with scopes.

I am really trying to decide which one to sight in (scope) at 100 yards for 357 Mag and which one to keep scope sighted in at 50 yards for 38's.

I figure that the one with the higher velocity with 357 will get sighted in for 100 yards and the slower one will get sighted in for 38's at 50 yards.

Not trying to make it a trick question, because it seems obvious that the 20 inch barrel should yield a higher velocity than the 16, but I have this nagging feeling that somewhere I read that for 357 it actually starts slowing down by the time it exits the 20 inch barrel. But then again, maybe what I read was referring to the 24 inch rifle barrel rather than the 20 inch carbine barrel. I don't know! I can't remember where or what I read. Or, when I read it!

Anyway, if anyone has a thought, please chime in.

[Ps. A scope at 50 yards? Yes. Eyesight issues.]
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