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1,000 round review: Ruger SR9c

I just wanted to share my experiences with my SR9c after putting 1,000 rounds through it for anyone thinking about buying a SR9c.
The first time I shot it I did not clean it, I have heard alot of people having problems their first time out when they didn't clean their gun first, but I did not have any issues whatsoever.
After the first trip to the range and every trip after that I have cleaned my gun everytime after, just a basic field strip clean with Frog Lube. The only CLP I have used in my gun and I absolutely love it.

I have been to the range with it 6 times so far, shooting anywhere between 100-200 rounds each trip. The different ammo I've used is;
-Federal American Eagle 115grain FMJ
-Blazer Brass 115grain FMJ
-Blazer Aluminum 115grain FMJ
-Fiocchi 115grain FMJ

I have not had any hiccups whatsoever. No FTF's or FTE's.
To me the gun is well balanced, not the best out there, but for me personally it fits my hand well and is a natural pointer due to the correct grip size for my hand. I like the location and size of the mag release, and the slide stop.
I don't like the magazine disconnect safety in any gun but it is very easily removed. I have heard alot of gripes about the loaded chamber indicator, but I've noticed alot of those gripes are from people who have only held one or shot their friend's gun once. At the range I don't even notice it is their. I know some people don't like it because it may snag on a holster, but the sights are obviously taller than the LCI and there is no problem drawing, or holstering in my remora holster.
For me the gun is accurate, at 7 yards I tear ragged holes in the bullseye and at 12 yards the group is still very tight with a flyer here and there due to operator error. I personally disregard alot of claims of guns being accurate or not because it's a relative statement depending on who is shooting. Alot of people are lousy shots and blame the gun, I blame the shooter. It's not the arrow, it's the indian.
I have also seen alot of people that experienced peening. I have not had any.
There are better guns out there, there are worse guns out there. For me, this gun felt the best in my hand and I heard alot of good things about reliability and decided to buy it. After putting 1,000 rounds through it I feel good knowing I made a good purchase. I use it as my EDC in a IWB Remora RFT holster, as well as my range gun. Alot of guns marketed for concealed carry are great to carry concealed, but are not designed to, or are not fun to shoot at a range alot. I have other Ruger firearms and they have always been top notch for me, at the range, and on succesful white-tail hunts, so that went into my decision in buying this Ruger and I havn't regretted it one bit. I hope this helps someone out there who is debating what to buy. I am in no way trying to sway anyone to buy a Ruger firearm, or a SR9c, I am only sharing my experience and hope everyone else has as good of an experience as I.
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