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Weeell, the history is...


Original barrel that back in 1960, after Dad took my brother and I out to shoot.
The two of us got the cleaning rod stuck in the barrel, Dad took and a friends and got the objects out, [hey I was only seven], use some more for plinking and rats, then retired after 1965 , when I got a Marlin 100[with scope] and Brother got a single shot Nobel.

in the 2000's detailed the action and bore, [could feel the rod good loose with good patch], lube and took it to range, was grouping nice @ 25yds but would get a flyer/keyhole. There is some visible rifling but not promising as you look down the bore.

Recently, bought a second series barrel with grat rifling and the patine almost matches, so that final option.

Reason for asking is my hunting pardner got a 62A, that he want s to challenge me in this Fall squirrell season, so I just want to get ready.
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