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7mm Rem Mag Recipe for 130gr Sierra HPBT

Thanks Boomer. That info will be helpful once I start working a new hunting load to move away from my 162gr Hornady SST's. I'm dropping down to 140gr Sierra Spitzer BT's.

As for my 130gr load, I got a chamfer seated dummy round made up. COL of 3.369" which seats that 130gr bullet very shallow. The image below is using the same bullet, just one that's new drilled out to use as a closure on a paracord bracelet.
My measurement-
When I start loading these, I'll probably shorten them to 3.355 or 3.360" or so.

The reloading gods are smiling upon me this week. Went to the local Cabelas tonight, found a whole aisle full of powder!!!! Brought home some 7828, 4064, and 4350. Now to decide whether to use 7828 or 4350. Which would give better load density?
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