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I'd be curious as to those loads. I've never shot such light bullets out of my 7mmMag. Only ever went as low as 120gr when I was young, think 10 years ago when I was 12.

We have lots of groundhogs around here that I'd love to vaporize.
These were Hornady #2800 100gr hollow point bullets, with a pointed tip. I loaded them over 61gr IMR4350 and Win Large Rifle Primers. I didn't have a chrony but load data said around 3400fps. If I remember right, that was a very light load for that bullet, and I was trying to minimize recoil for varmint shooting.

I think Speer also made a 115gr pointed hollow point.

I also loaded 160gr PSPBT bullets in front of 79gr H870 and 56.5gr IMR4350, both with excellent accurracy.

The 175gr Speer Grand Slams were loaded with 77gr H870.
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