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PPQ M2: Minor Design Annoyance

This likely falls in the category of complaints, but I'm ready for the rotten fruit.

So I spent a lot of time dry firing and handling my PPQ M2 yesterday. In that process I noticed something. When Walther redesigned the magazine release for the button, they added a bit of a shelf underneath the button. My guess is this was done to prevent the button from being hit accidentally. That's all well and good. The problem isn't that, it's the fact that its reversible. You see on the other side of the grip what you're left with is a piece of polymer jutting out there. Now on the side you choose to have the button it's a non-issue as the button occupies that space. However, assuming you keep the button on your thumb side this means you have a nice little piece of polymer jutting between your index finger and middle finger of your shooting hand. And with a grip that is very sculpted in the front it is very noticeable. As in annoyingly noticeable.

Now I don't blame Walther per se, the way around it would to have been to sink the button into the frame and I'm not sure how feasible that was as they had to modify an existing design. But by basically adding material in an area where there was no material before it mars what is otherwise to me a perfect grip. Obviously the issue doesn't affect the paddle style. I attached some pics so you can see yourself. Is it a minor gripe? Prob, but it does feel darn weird (stick something between those two fingers while holding a pistol to get an idea). More so when I know what the alternative could be.

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