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After WWII there were surplus up the kazoo that people were trying to figure out a way to make money on it. Using tanks and jeeps to pull plows, one hardware store even used bayonet blanks welded to a frame, hooked up to a long handle to make a weed " hoe". With the millions of tons of military surplus. and left over parts from cancelled contracts, I don't find it surprising that a bayonet blank would be loose in the market, they were probably selling them for 50 cents a piece to make your own "hunting knife". I'm quite sure ther were tons of blanks that wound up in the junk yard as scrape. Remember, they were even pushing crated Jeeps and Trucks overboard because the cost of retuning them to the US was more than their value.Let me amend this, in the 1950's it only cost 10 cents to get in to the movies, so they were probably selling those for 5 cents apiece.
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