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Thanks Steve!

I guess i'll go ahead and get this rifle then. Seems like a decent deal.

So I did the patch in the barrel thing to determine twist and came up with about 14? Not real accurate though but it seems like it is possible 1:24 to 1:32, somewhere in there possible? Does this sound right? If so, doesnt that determine pretty much that this would be better for sabot and minie ammo and not a round ball? I was hoping to practice and shoot patched round ball when not hunting with the rifle.

The barrel looks nice and clean and shinny when inspected with a light and everything else seems to be in great, hardly fired use.

BTW, I already have the rifle in my possession to examine and determine if I want it.

I checked the Italian proof mark on the side and noticed it is a 1993 model. I checked online for 1993 Armi Sport catalogs so i can determine this model but had no luck. Next step, call Armi Sport and see if they can give me some info.

Thanks again.
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