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..... Oh but wait !!! Cooter and Uncle Jesse have a youtube video of an AR-15 going full-auto-equivalent with their stupid slide fire stock... then Fatboy Marvin bump-fires his glock and throws that up on youtube also... all accompanied by adolescent guffaws and snorting giggles... yuk-yuk...

Thanks a lot clowns...
They could also prove the same point by taking 5 mins and ripping the disconnect out of the firearm so I don't see your logic in this statement.

You are encouraging our government to knowingly mis-lead and misinform the masses due to their lack of experience with some firearms / items. What should be ban next to appease your super serious life you lead? Maybe national match triggers since experienced shooters can firearm almost at full auto speeds. Or should we ban person type targets because they promote violence, or just out right ban any combat style shooting sports such as IPSC/IDPA?
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