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Originally Posted by Clark
I have a CZ527, but I do not like it much. I have blown it up twice, it is on the third bolt. I have made and bought scope mounts to fit that weird standard.
I might like it better in 223.
I have a custom .223 reamer and a lot of 223 rifles.
My favorite .223 is Ruger #1V.
I'd like to know what your 527 is chambered in and how you've blown it up twice and gone through three bolts.

I knew I guy once that sheered the lugs off a Winchester Model 70 .270 bolt and blew the action out of Winchester 30-30 leaver action all in the same day. How he didn't blow his face off I don't know. I asked what he did to blow them up. He said, "I must have used too much powder".

I put one of these Model 527 16mm/Picatinny Rail Adapters (20 MOA) on my 527 and it works perfectly.

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