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I would Prefer Marlin to come out with The Federal .327 Magnum in a Bolt rifle. I feel a Bolt rifle would be supreme as far as accuracy Goes with Marlin's Mico-Groove rifling and a Good Piece of Glass Parked on it it would make a Hell of a Woodchuck Gun, I would even use it for Deer up to 50 Yards It would be a Tack driver for that Task... I have a Nice Vintage Marlin 883 chambered in .22 W.M.R. That Pretty Much shoot's One Ragged hole if I do my Part right as shown below, This Target was shot at the 100 Yard Line using CCI-Maxi Mag ammo, sighting it in. The Last Three shot's were dead center and one Ragged hole. It is Tube fed with a 3-9 scope Parked on it. I would Love the same gun chambered in 327 Magnum... Hammer it

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