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db4570, when I first started carrying, I also carried for the first few weeks in the same condition: full mag, nothing chambered. My reasoning was essentially the same, as well: I just wasn't comfortable carrying with a round chambered, and I figured that it was better that I carry with a little more peace of mind, than not carry at all. After several weeks, I began carrying with a round chambered, and it is now the only way I carry.

I actually know a probation officer who carries in the same condition, and he's carried for years. His reasoning is that if a prisoner gets his gun, he will have one extra chance to regain control, because the prisoner won't be able to shoot him without chambering a round.

As you get more comfortable carrying, you may eventually decide to carry with a round chambered, and that's fine. But if that happens, just make the switch and stick with it. Do not carry with a round chambered some times, and without any round chambered at other times. Carrying with a round chambered carries certain risks. Carring without a round chambered carries different risks. Switching back and forth, well, kinda carries the risks of both kinds of carry.
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