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OP here. For the last couple weeks I have been carrying the gun un-chambered but with a full mag, just to get used to it.

I know I keep going back and forth on this, but I really like the extra level of safety I get from this.

I like that if something happens when I re-holster, the gun won't go off. I think about this because I am carrying it in a hybrid holster, and the Kydex is molded tight around the trigger guard with only about 1/16" between the Kydex and the trigger.

I also like that if for some reason I were to have a major brain fart and someone got hold of it that shouldn't, there would be one additional step before they could fire it.

I like that when it is holstered I don't care where the muzzle is pointed. I know it's not going to spontaneously go off, but I don't like the idea of a loaded gun being pointed at anyone, holstered or not. I know it's a bit obsessive.

I weigh all this against the possibility that for some reason I would not be able to quickly rack the slide when needed. I am a good pistol shot, but am not about to win any quick-draw contests, anyway.

I like that I am comfortable carrying it all the time, which, at this point in my level of experience, is more important than saving a second on the draw.

I will continue to evaluate my carry system and evolve as my needs and experience change. I really appreciate the input from everyone, and look forward to any additional comments.

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