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However, since I don't know the NY law in detail, do they mention that you can chamber one and then top off the mag to seven?
This is a blurry point for everyone. Many law enforcement officials, including the Oneida County Pistol Permit Clerk (who is against the law), read the law to set a limit of seven total bullets in the gun.

Just curious. That's not rare for 1911s and that's not going to make a 1911 significantly less or more dangerous.
How true, how true. Gun violence is a symptom of overall violet behavior. Fortunately, it is not common in the United States, but these laws attempt to treat the symptom instead of the disease. Restricting gun rights will have no effect one way or the other on the homicide rate. They simply limit choices available to people who have never commit a single crime in their lives.

And you're right. None of these people do understand guns.

PS - good luck on the suits. Buffalo was one of my home towns. Still has a place in my feelings!
Thank you! In what area of Buffalo did you reside? It's really a nice area and it's coming around.

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