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Good luck finding one in today's market. They're being hoarded.

I purchased a Romanian SAR 1 -- The AWB version of the AK (no bayo lug) -- back about 2001. As I remember, the cost was circa $350. I purchased two cases, 1,000 rds each, of Wolf (Commercial Russian) ammo at $85 per case.

A fast/dirty search online today shows two things. You can't find one, and if you can find one the prices are astronomical. Ammo cost is astronomical.

Used to be a flood of Romanian AK's on the market. Romanian is a decent version, well made, not spiked in price like a Russian, nor a cheapo Chinese knock-off like Norinco.

Not intending to kick dirt into your campfire, but the market is crazy right now because our duly elected officials are crazy.
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