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Originally Posted by btmj
Well it will come as no surprise that I am in 100% agreement with Willie Sutton. Very early in this thread I said that slide fire stocks are for gun-clowns, and I took a fair bit of push back over that comment.
Originally Posted by btmj
Yeah, meanwhile Sen Ted Cruz is trying to explain to the Senate and the World that a semi-automatic firearm is fundementally different than a military weapon because each pull of the trigger results in just one cartridge being fired....

..... Oh but wait !!! Cooter and Uncle Jesse have a youtube video of an AR-15 going full-auto-equivalent with their stupid slide fire stock... then Fatboy Marvin bump-fires his glock and throws that up on youtube also... all accompanied by adolescent guffaws and snorting giggles... yuk-yuk...

Thanks a lot clowns...
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