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I've had a 77/327 in the back of my mind for quite a while.

Back on page 28, I had two posts discussing it:

I still think a 77/327 would be a great rifle, but do fully support the lever action concept.

I've been keeping my eyes out for a beat-to-death 77/22 Hornet or 77/44, to convert to .327; but nobody ever sells them. And if they do, the shop still wants MSRP for the POS.
A new breech block (forward half of the "bolt"), .22 Hornet magazine feed lip modification, and a barrel should be all that would be needed. ...if I ever find a donor.
And, after "tjh" offered some second-hand musings about pressure levels, from a gunsmith:
I don't buy it. I think they're shooting from the hip, and never bothered to actually check it out. A few quick calculations will give you a general idea of whether it will work.

The .327 Federal runs 45,000 psi.
The .44 Mag runs 36,000 psi.
The .357 Mag runs 35,000 psi.
The .22 Hornet runs 45,000 psi (same as .327 Federal).
The 5mm Remington Mag runs 33,000 psi (quite high for a rimfire).
And, for comparison, the .22 WMR runs 24,000 psi.

Bolt thrust with those cartridges would be:
.327 Federal - 4,970 lbs
.44 Mag - 7,469 lbs
.357 Mag - 5,321 lbs
.22 Hornet - 4,329 lbs
5mm Rem - 2,720 lbs
.22 WMR - 1,673 lbs

Force exerted on the chamber walls would be approximately:
.327 Federal - 47,642 lbs
.44 mag - 51,685 lbs
.357 Mag - 41,673 lbs
.22 Hornet - 50,893 lbs
5mm Rem - 21,480 lbs
.22 WMR - 6,040 lbs

The .44 Mag exceeds the .327 Federal in both regards, and .327 nearly matches the .22 Hornet. I would have absolutely no reservations about putting the .327 Federal in a centerfire model.

As for the 5mm Rem... I probably wouldn't chamber it in one of the old v-block-barrel rimfire versions of the 77/22; but I wouldn't hesitate to convert one of the newer threaded versions (they're all heat treated, threaded, and torqued now) or one of the centerfire models.
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