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I use bronze wire brushes...all the time on my barrels..../ after every range trip ( usually 200 rds or so ) get the jacketed plating out of the grooves in the barrel...

Use whatever solvent you like --- let it sit for a few minutes / brush the barrel 4 or 5 times / run a couple of patches thru it / then put some break free in the barrel - let it sit for a couple of minutes / run another patch or two thru the barrel and you're done.

If I get some real stubborn patches ...I use a little bit of Barnes CR-10 to soak it, brush it out ...and repeat with Break Free.

( I have a lot of 1911's and S&W revolvers with well over 50,000 rds thru them ...cared for like that ...and the bores look great ! ).
I like bore snakes if I'm in a hurry ...or on guns like .22's ....or .410 shotgun .../ I think they do a good job ( but its just a bore brush / and a barrel mop in one tool )...and you have to clean them in dishwashing soap and let them dry once in a while when they get nasty ...( soak them for half hour or so is soapy water - I use liquid dish soap - scrub the brush area with an old toothbrush / rinse them good ...squeeze the excess water out of them ...and hang them up in the garage or someplace out of the way, to dry for 2 or 3 days )...

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