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My only experience with them is passing on one that was available for a trade.

The first I heard of them was in relation to a high dollar compact "custom" 1911 they were promoting before release. It was a disaster of a gun by almost all accounts. For a while they were pushing the envelope, and when you do that you end up with some mistakes. I think their reputation took a pounding much like Diamondback was done when their first pistol had problems.

They seem to want to slap words like "custom," "operator", "tactical", "ultra", and "super" on all their models. "Custom" is a joke and a lie. The rest are cheesy marketing IMO.

They don't seem to function any better than cheaper brands, but they do look better.

I think the only reason to buy one is to look like you have money to spend on one. If you buy a Rolex people who know a lot about watches aren't impressed.
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