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Help Identify This Armi Sport

New to BP muzzleloaders and am interested in deer and possible elk hunting this year with a muzzleloader for the first time. A friend of mine has this rifle he is offering to sell me and I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on this for a first BP rifle for a new guy.

I cannot find any information on the web about this rifle, it appears Armi Sport doesn't make this model anymore. It looks like a Hawken style or trade style maybe from what I can tell. It only has a single trigger and a modern butt plate design which I think looks bad. Other than that the rifle seems built really well and has nice buckhorn sights.

Anyone have any idea of the model of this and information on what loads this might shoot. How do I know if it shoots round ball, conical etc.??? Can you shoot round ball in guns designed for other loads? How can I determine the rifling twist etc.?

I ideally and originally wanted to find a Pennsylvania style long rifle, maybe in flintlock to deer and elk hunt with but the price of what I have found in multiple hundreds of dollars. I think I can pick this little rifle up for 100 or less. Would that be a good deal? Should I just pick this one up as a starter and to get my feet wet?

BTW, this is a .54 caliber.

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