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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts
To be honest, I think his inclusion on that list has nothing to do with his take on the Second Amendment and everything to do with the accusations he might be gay.
There's plenty not to like about Mr. Craig --his sexual orientation is irrelevant. He plea-bargained the original lewd conduct charges down to disorderly conduct, pled guilty to that, then tried to reverse his plea. The judge rejected that attempt.

As you point out, he is now in hot water over having used campaign funds for his defense in that case. He is being sued by the Federal Election Commission for the return of those funds. According to this story from the Associated Press, he admits to doing so, but says it was justified because the trip to the airport bathroom "fell under his official duties as senator because he was traveling between Idaho and Washington for work, and therefore the legal fees could be paid for with campaign money."

Suffice it to say that the judge isn't impressed with this line of reasoning.
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