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looking for some interesting wood grips for my custom Super Blackhawk...

now that I've got everything on the wall, it's easier to see some glaring differences that I'd like to change in some guns...

one is I still have one set of rubber grips on one of my single actions... & it's time for them to go... I'd like to find someone that makes nice wood panels that fit the square back ( dragoon style ) trigger guard...

the gun, is an all black Super Blackhawk, custom chambered as a 5 shot 50 A.E.... it currently wears a presentation style rubber grip, but I'd like it to look more like my other guns... as far as personal taste, I like the rosewood / redwood color laminated grips that I can find, but would like to find some fancy wood for the gun... any suggestions ( I've been on a 1 hour internet search, & haven't found what I'm looking for yet )
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