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jmr40, not to be contrary or argumentative, but if you shot a 200 Lb. pig with a .223 it will either laugh at you or eat you. If you shoot a 200 Lb. deer with a .223 good luck finding it when it finally does die. Unless your a very, very good shot and have a prefect shot.
We have shot pigs over the 200 lb mark several times each year with ARs, and one shot does them in. A shot in the neck or behind the ear will anchor them on the spot.

We also had a friend take a 220 lb Texas buck this past season with a .223 Barnes TTSX.... The deer went all of 10 yards before piling up. My brother shot a slightly smaller whitetail with a Nosler Partition that ran about 30 yards.

None of the aforementioned animals laughed at us... And none required any extra energy to find. And all tasted just fine afterwards.

Bullet construction has come a long way in the past 10-15 years. The .223 is a good performer with a premium hunting bullet; don't dog it if you haven't had any experience with it.
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