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My experience comes from IMHSA, bench rest rifle and for the last 10 year archery. I have done my time in losing and a fair share of winning. My 2 cents as follows: Breaking down achievement goals into levels is important. Mechanics, gear, and limitations such as athletic ability all play a part. So finding the right level for your natural ability will keep you from going crazy and also from enjoying the natural abilities of others. Also it’s important to find a coach/mentor that can focus you on your real/actual limiting factors. Things that limit you at the highest level are most likely are not limiting you much at a lesser level. You should make gear changes when it’s clear that you are ready to take advantage of the investment made, and you understand why you made the gear choices and spent the money. IOW, the winner could most likely take your gear and beat you with it, and it’s possible the best gear is more important to you than to him/her, just based on natural talent alone. Many people get frustrated simply based on the idea that you can’t actually purchase the winning trophy. It’s a product of smart work and best use of your money and time.
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