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We had a long discussion/debate about the CZ Kit here, recently.

One of the features of the CZ Kadet Kit that helps it's accuracy is that the barrel and slide assembly (which looks like a slide, but isn't) AND the sights are a single unit. That means there are no lockup issues, as they all stay in synch (don't move!). If the barrel is true, and the sights are lined up properly, it's going to be a pretty accurate weapon.

Mine, mounted on a CZ-85 Combat, was/is so darned accurate that I traded away my stainless Ruger MKII Government Slabside with the long barrel. (It was a beautiful gun, and accurate, but became sort of redundant after getting the Kadet Kit -- and I got a great .45 in trade for it, from someone with arthritis problems in their hands.)

By the way: the Kadet Pistol is simply the frame from a 9mm CZ-75B with the Kadet Kit installed at the factory. There are, as best I can tell, no other differences. One advantage of the Kadet Kit is that I can justify getting trigger work done on the 9mm (or .40) CZ, knowing that it'll translate into a better-shooting .22, as well.

You could have done a lot worse -- especially if you can find a used one. The price is NOT what I consider reasonable on new ones.


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