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I started to formulate an answer yesterday then thought better of it.

The original question included the goal of winning.

Well, there are perhaps 10,000 little things that the winners do that make the difference.

To be competetive it might only be about 2,000 things.

To safely shoot the course it's probably less than 10 things.

Brian Enos, a top USPSA shooter, has a fantastic website with forums full of info and discussion about the 10,000 things. And there are books that they discuss and refer to.

Just one concept - "shoot the match like you don't care about the result" is one for the list but takes a LOT of explanation. I've experienced success with this myself but it's really hard to explain.

An easier one to understand is - enter the shooting box with your gun up and on target. (that's among the 2,000 things)

Keep your finger off the trigger while moving is one of the 10 things :-)

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