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OK! So I now have the rifle in my possession! It is a Marlin MR-7B in .30-06.

It looks in pretty decent shape on the outside. its blued w/ a birch stock and has a simmions 3.5 x 10 scope on it (was that possibly some sort of retail package deal?)

Inside the gun bore looks ok. I don't see any obstructions or ruined rifling. seems a little rough but from what I understand the 7B was meant as a budget gun.

Looks like a bit of surface rust in some of the hard to clean areas or some sort of grime thats brownish colored. Packing grease perhaps? So that might be whats causing issue...

Now on to the bolt. It has a bolt mounted safety. Is removed by depressing a button on the left side of the rifle. Looks to be some sort of 'sleeve' with jeweling between the bolt handle and forward lugs. Looks similar to a rem700 bolt up front.

So I am gonna clean out the gunk in the rifle leave the bolt as is and then try a box of 20 rounds of remington and 20 rounds of federal. (depends on cost)

If it starts misfiring does anyone know where I can get some bolt dis assembly instructions? So I can clean that out and such?

Looks like there is just one flat screw in the rear of the bolt holding it together that needs to be removed and it all comes apart. But looks can be deceiving.
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