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Larry Craig is very pro-Second Amendment and has represented that cause well in the Senate many times. He was apparently included on's "naughty list" because he used federal campaign funds in his defense against sex charges several years ago. Craig is fighting with the government over whether that is legal. To be honest, I think his inclusion on that list has nothing to do with his take on the Second Amendment and everything to do with the accusations he might be gay.

Karl Malone apparently was quoted as saying the following in an interview:
"Malone is hardly anti-gun. An avid hunter, Malone even has been a spokesman for the National Rifle Association. But he rejects the argument that athletes need guns for protection.

"I think it's just a smoke screen, just an easy reason to say you want a gun," Malone said.

While Malone supports the constitutional right to bear arms, he said he is skeptical of the average athlete's mentality when it comes to firearms.

"Everybody sticks their chest out now when they have a firearm on them," Malone said, mocking the thought process of the common athlete. "'I come up from the hard part of the streets, the mean streets, and I need my gun and all of that?' Come on, please, enough of that already. We're tired of that."

Steven C. Schreiner runs every year and is never endorsed by the nominating committee; but is often endorsed by guys like Neal Knox and other more hardline pro-Second groups. If you are of the view that the NRA is too compromising, he would be a choice.

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