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but I'm not chasing him into the bush if that's my only option
"Remember that other hunters or outdoor enthusiasts may use your hunting area or campsite after you do. It is the ethical responsibility of any hunter who wounds a bear (e.g., in a DLP situation) to make a strong effort to find and kill the bear, and if the hunter has made a good faith effort but the wounded bear escapes, to notify other hunters in the area as well as ADF&G and Department of Public Safety/Alaska Wildlife Trooper personnel."
I'll stick with my governor in the woods for ease of carry while hiking or pulling when I need it in an instant
I have only seen "governors" under gun counter glass, not even once outdoors in Alaska; then again, it is a big state and I can't be everywhere at once.
There is no fool proof protection in bear country, but I'll take the hard and heavy sting to the face over anything else available.
How about 100% effective in Alaska? No fatalities? No serious injuries?
The lowest paid college major/degree in this country after graduation...
Elementary Education.

Now, go figure...
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