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Yes, I am knowingly injuring a bear. When it's my life, that's the choice I make. I would certainly do all I could to finish the bear with the 45 ammo I have left but I'm not chasing him into the bush if that's my only option. A report would be made to local officials. There are many bears injured each year by hunters or other bears.

Yes, put any bullet in the right place and it will work. And like I said, if you are confident enough in your ability to put a bullet right where you want it while being charged by an adrenal fueled monster......then have at it. As I said earlier, a bears pain is felt instantaneously in the face but it just doesn't register in the torso when they are in a full charge.

I'll stick with my governor in the woods for ease of carry while hiking or pulling when I need it in an instant. There is no fool proof protection in bear country, but I'll take the hard and heavy sting to the face over anything else available.
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