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Maybe there are too many ammo flippers, competing with many other flippers to sell their ammo at the desired prices.
If many more people are starting to watch the evening news, or read the front section of the newspaper, and think for Themselves, the mindless panic will cool off. Miracles can happen.
Notice the types of rifle ammo at Ammoman right now (people want to watch for discounts), due to high prices, but it IS Available. Tonight even .40 S&W and 9x18 Makarov.

Even if Feinstein (smug, unbridled arrogance combined with feigned ignorance) knew how to sprinkle her CA fairy dust on Senator Reid, the dust would have much less influence on the House, where a bill must also get passed before it can be signed. And Reid can't easily force Senators from rural states to go against a majority of their voters. Even Reid's job is on the line in 2014.

Nothing is ever guaranteed in Congress, but it has always seemed to be the case that most politicians don't want to really risk losing their jobs.

mellow c: It's not any consolation, but if you take no magazine with the gun, your ammo might last much longer. It would still look as cool as M-1 Garands. So many shooters either sold or didn't want to buy semi-auto .308/7.62 rifles when prices were normal, because of ammo costs over the last several years.
A very thorough, typically methodical German friend (from Essen) once forgot to pack his AR mag.
Not much ammo was burned up.

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