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Glockstar .40:

If you decide that you Must sell it, you might read up (if not already) on the Czech VZ-58.
Some knowledgeable guys with Youtube Channels describe their impressions. Whether these are Century guns, no idea.
If cash doesn't soon 'burn a hole in your pocket', you will have tons of discounted choices.

"hickok45" field strips both the 58 and the AK-47 side-by-side, to prove that they are totally different guns.
Even the magazines can Not be interchanged, and cost a bit more for the VZ. If the Taliban or Hezbollah have no cells in our area, no sweat.

"Sturmgewehr' also really likes his. I doubt that any version of a Tech Sight has been developed for the Czech gun.

For what it's worth, even though I have a Service Grade Garand, six Enfields, two FR8s etc, I never considered selling my common Norinco SKS, with the Tech Sight TS 200. The ergos seem better than any AK and I then knew nothing about VZs, except for Mausers.

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