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I've had a Sako .17hmr for a couple of years. Great accurate small game cartridge. I can get 10 shots in under 1 inch at 100 yards. The little bullet drops significantly after 200 yards, but is very flat shooting to 150 yards.
I've taken rabbits, foxes, hares, goats & pigs with my .17hmr. The .17hmr is suitable mainly for small game and has no problems with rabbits, hares & foxes.
I have not been impressed with its performance on goats or pigs. Sure the .17hmr will drop pigs & goats with well placed head shots, but chest shots on even small pigs & medium size goats are not that effective.
The .17hmr was designed as a small game cartridge for distances out to 150 yards & if you use it for this you will be impressed. While the .17hmr will add at least 50 yards onto the range of a 22lr, I wouldn't use the 17 on anything larger than what I'd be comfortable shooting with a 22lr.
The downside to the .17hmr when compared to a 22lr is cost of ammunition & the .17 is significantly louder.

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