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Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull

Originally Posted by crazycrave View Post
Ruger does make one as my brother in-law own one but it's not as designed for the 9mm like the S&W as my under standing they shoot alittle all over the place, i guess because of it being made for 38/357/9mm as one size does not fit all as i have heard of keyhole effect.
The Ruger you are referring to is the Blackhawk or Vaquero. Both are single actions and come with separate cylinders for the different rounds. I have owned 2 Blackhawks with the 9mm cylinders over the years and accuracy was great on all ammo types. Absolutely no keyhole effect in mine. Far from it actually. Very accurate in 9mm and 357. But again they are single actions which of course means no moon clips.

Ruger did make a Speed Six in 9mm, but it was 9mm only and had to have moon clips
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