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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
The question lies with the wording of the law. If it says "can hold more than x rounds" or "can be modified to hold more than x rounds," you could run into trouble.

It may not matter whether it's meant to hold 10 rounds of .50; if it can hold more than 10 rounds of .223, an enterprising prosecutor could make life difficult.

It's a big problem with laws seeking to place arbitrary limits on magazine size.

What I get concerned with are firearms that may have a mag that takes say 10 full size rounds, but that there has been/is/was a conversion to a smaller round, say 22LR. So, in that case, would a 10 round 40S&W mag that may hold over 7 or 10 rounds of a smaller caliber ammo, depending on the law reads (even if it doesn't feed, the rounds just fit in there somehow) be illegal?

Edit to add...

Also, are they speaking of an ammunition feeding device, or an actual "magazine"? If they are speaking of a "magazine" in the explosive term, we may all be in trouble...Every explosive magazine I have hever seen could hold thousands of rounds with no trouble at all, and room for an outhouse with at least a radio, if not color tv as well, to spare. Again, the terms and wording are important.

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