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How much .357 do you shoot through your .357?

I grew up on semi-autos and almost everyone I know IRL is in the same boat. Very few of my friends shoot revolver but I'm fascinated. I've been studying up for my first foray into wheel guns and looking around the forums, I've noticed that a lot of people mostly run .38 special or +p through their .357 magnum revolvers. Is it mostly an issue of recoil or price per round? What do you shoot through yours and why?

Is there any benefit to keeping your revolver dedicated to one size or the other? If you are mostly going to shoot .38, are you better off getting a dedicated .38 revolver or just running them through a .357? Do any of you use a .357 just for .38 rounds? How much does gun weight and barrel length factor into this? Someone suggested lightly loaded .357 as an alternative. Does anyone have any experience with that? I don't load my own so can you reliably buy them that way?

From the most basic to the most complex, I'd love to hear your experience as I wade into the wonderful world of wheel guns. Thanks so much.
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