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Ordered some IMR7828 and IMR4064 from Bruno's. I expect to be waiting a long while for it. Has anybody dealt with them before?

Picked up some IMR4350 this afternoon at a local shop. Anybody have a pet load using this weight bullet and powder combo? I'm thinking of a 59.0 or 60.0gr staring point with the 4350, which is mid-range in Sierra's 5th, and is dead-on as a starting load according to Hodgdon's online data center.

Also was looking at the variations between published sources, and saw a disturbing bit regarding my heavy game load. I have a load worked and tested thoroughly: 175gr Hornady InterLock over 61.5gr of H4831 and a COL of 3.350" case head to tip of bullet. This load shoots 3/8 inch groups at 100yd and has mild for caliber recoil, no signs of excessive pressure. Data from Hornady's 8th says 59.9gr and Hodgdon's online center shows 58.0gr with a 175 gr Nosler Partition.
My uncle worked the load form some older manuals he had, not sure which ones but they're probably almost as old as I am, but I've seen them listing a max of around 63gr if I recall correct.
Not sure what I'm trying to get at here, but if anybody's got $.02 to chip in on this one, please feel free!
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