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Update on the safe

Finally got the safe in the house and bolted down today. Had to get 3 friends up here to help me move it but it worked out great. I picked up 2 10' lengths of 1" PVC pipe and cut them into to 2' lengths. Put the safe on it and then rolled it across the house. I think I'll be changing out the bolts to carriage bolts at some point but other than that I'm happy. Actually moving the safe was easier than I expected with the PVC rollers and the safe didn't crush them which is what I feared. Got it all loaded up and it's pretty cramped so I think I'll be buying the door panel organizer to get some of the handguns off the shelves and to give me a place for important documents. I still have some room for expansion in the safe but I'm sure at some point I will need a second safe. It did take a few tries to get used to the mechanical locking system. This is the first dial combo lock I've ever used other than the padlock style and the system takes a little getting used to. Nice to have everything in one place finally. Anyway here's some pictures:

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